Trenton Babbage’s Dancing Cabbages


Granted at the moment this section consists only of the singular form…but I have nothing but faith.

This offering comes from the wonder that is The Seed Said So:


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  1. Ah Trenton, the cabbage looks brilliant here, and I love what you’ve done with the place!

    1. Well thank you very much! I saw your cabbage and just had to have it.
      I trust your wife is well?

      1. She has a greenfly infestation but doesn’t let it interfere with her bridge evenings.

        1. She’s a remarkable being; please again extend my invitation for her to explain her fascinating theory on the Sierpinski’s triangle attributes of Steven Pinker’s hair.

        2. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

    2. are you following me?? I wouldn’t call the cabbage brilliant…

      1. Excuse me but I think you’ll find that I was here first! The cabbage is brilliant, and I shall tell you for why…the fucking thing dances! How is that not brilliant?!

        1. maybe you were and maybe you weren’t…

          the cabbage needs more moves!

        2. The cabbage has been in the studio perfecting more moves…finding someone willing to teach a cabbage to dance takes time.

        3. well at least it’s being worked on…

        4. Well you’re quite the task master aren’t you!?

        5. You must be ‘le’ task master then.

        6. Je ne comprends pas.

        7. Parce que le cheval a raté son examen du permis de conduire…évidemment.

        8. What on earth is going on?! I leave you two alone for five minutes and all hell breaks fucking loose! Why are horses driving cars? If I wanted horses on my blog I’d call it Trenton Babbage’s Horse-drawn Carriages! Arthur warned me about this…but he says so much…it’s hard to keep up.

        9. I’m laughing so hard I almost snorted! Arthur warned you huh??

          Horses? Where we talking about horses? I don’t remember that? I didn’t even realize we were doing all this on your blog…

          Maybe you should change the name! Look at this way cabbage…it’s good for your stats

        10. “Parce que le cheval a raté son examen du permis de conduire…évidemment.” This translates as “Because the horse failed its driving test…of course.” One of the more common phrases round these here parts…these here parts being MY BLOG! And my name is not cabbage…and what the fuck is a stats?

        11. Merci pour the explanation. Since when do horses drive?

          You’re blog i hear you, but now i’m deaf

          Well then Mr. sabbage pardon moi
          stats,you know how many hits you get on your blog, raises you Google rankings..

        12. They don’t…they keep failing their tests.

          What the fuck is a google?

        13. i would think so…tests?

          never mind it just good to help get your blog more famous

        14. Driving tests…

          It’s essentially a part of Arthur’s, so I expect it to go equally interfuckingplanetary!

        15. horses don’t take drivers tests…

          Yes it will go crazy

        16. Really? I was convinced…please forgive my impertinence!

        17. no worries that’s what i’m around for.

        18. Then riddle me this; do you have a wepoets email for me to send this audio to?

        19. I emailed you the

        20. That’s your answer to everything…I fear we may have angered our host…shall we buy flowers?

        21. no cabbage! ha and you didn’t pick up on my “pig latin” earlier. I thought you would have got that in an instant, to that i say p…sike…sigh

        22. hatway? I must confess I don’t come across the pig latin much; you’re too subtle for me…superiori.

        23. ha, well it took you while but you got it! by George you got it!

        24. now you’re on a role, you’re welcome

        25. And I’ll say to you what I said to the sunflower: What on earth is going on?! I leave you two alone for five minutes and all hell breaks fucking loose! Why are horses driving cars? If I wanted horses on my blog I’d call it Trenton Babbage’s Horse-drawn Carriages! Arthur warned me about this…but he says so much…it’s hard to keep up.

  2. I don’t know why but this is funny!

    1. Think about it…it’ll come to you. And if it doesn’t, who gives a shit!? Know that you won’t find many of these lying around!

      1. ha you’re not kidding! that one wasn’t even lying around it was dancing

  3. Ohhh “theseedsaidso” that explains a lot! man the three of you put together is scary!

    1. I think we complement each other quite well…and how else would I get hold of a dancing cabbage?

      1. you’re three of a kind that’s for sure. yes one must always have a dancing cabbage!

        1. And what else rhymes with cabbage but Babbage? It’s like it was made for this place.

        2. I agree, we all need some cabbage babbage!

  4. WilderSoul says:

    YES. What else is on offer?

    1. Not an answer to your unanswerable question! I’m genuinely stuck! I thought I had one but I argued myself out of it! I’ve a feeling it’s like a well known riddle that has an obvious answer…

      1. WilderSoul says:

        Oh no… not one of those!
        (*Clapping happily with one hand*)

        I thought the unanswerable answer was free, anyways? Which is different from unswervable fun on the freeways… which can be costly…

        1. WilderSoul says:

          What on earth for?

        2. For not answering your question!

        3. WilderSoul says:

          Oh if it were easy enough to answer within a month, then I would have surely answered it myself! Take a year… 🙂 I will wait around… if that’s not too annoying…

        4. WilderSoul says:

          By the way Monsieur Freshly-Pressed Trenton,
          Did you want to do a thing with Sharon Nicholas on @Artist_Chat one Saturday morning? I got all excited about perhaps having your eminent personage plus Arthur the Author in an interview… and thought heaps of people might just love the conversation the same way I do! Might even get some more shy artist-types to creep into the conversation and have a chat too… what do you think? 8) ^__^

  5. WilderSoul says:

    By the way, hadn’t told you yet, that your cabbage is amazing. The seed said so… Hm? Oh! No no… I said so.. right now.. and I mean it too! Amazing cabbage… how did it learn to sing and dance like that? You are amazing Trenton Babbage…

    1. Biscuits; particularly milk chocolate hobnobs; give a cabbage a hobnob and you’re half way there. And thank you. And I’ve tracked down this Shaquin of whom you spoke…possibly…’tis a twisted web you weave; how many wildersouls do you have?

      1. WilderSoul says:

        I sprout wildersouls in my spare time. If you have a peek at there might be quite a complete list of them there.. now I feel a bit shy.. go on have a look, I will close my eyes!

        1. I will have a look…at some point…man I’m glad my blog isn’t popular; I’d never get anything done!

        2. WilderSoul says:

          (exit… stage left)

        3. There’s another stage there too you know…

        4. WilderSoul says:

          The anthropomorphic stage? (with no mirrors… don’t want to shatter the “I am human, I can fly” allusion)

      2. WilderSoul says:

        Mmm.. Hob Nobs to dip in my tea.. I am whisked away back to childhood..

        1. Ah you see, I’d never waste a hobnob by dunking it in tea…

        2. WilderSoul says:

          I like the melted chocolate… mmm…

  6. cpsingleton42 says:

    I want to see the cabbage River Dance!!!

    1. And I want to give it to you…really I do…but I signed the official secrets act when I worked for Flatley, which means I can’t replicate it using vegetables…I thought it was an odd clause, but thus it is proven again that he was so far ahead of his time!

      1. cpsingleton42 says:

        The dastardly Flatly!! He got me with a similar clause when I appeared as a dancing stoat!!

        1. You’re one of the famous Flatly Stoat Dancers?! We were told tales of you lot when we were infants, cradled in the arms of those who’d had their family members taken by the dastardly Flatly machine.

  7. PorterGirl says:

    Hello! Here I am. I love dancing cabbages.

    1. Well hello! Dancing cabbages are great, especially when a sex pistol is involved!

      1. PorterGirl says:

        Well, quite! It was the closest your blog had to a sex toy.

        1. I must confess I don’t own any, I have to make do with household objects and vegetables!

        2. PorterGirl says:

          Aha but ingenuity is so much more arousing!

        3. As is knowing someone’s looking at a courgette in a different light!

        4. PorterGirl says:

          There is only one way of looking at a courgette and that is with a delicate blend of lust and contempt.

        5. Too much emphasis on one side and you’ll get yourself in trouble with a grocer, too much on the other and it’s a trip to A+E…though I couldn’t tell you which leads to which…

        6. PorterGirl says:

          Yes, it’s a tricky one. They are quite a rubbish vegetable, in general.

        7. Indeed, the best thing one can do with a courgette is shove…I feel we’re going round in circles…

        8. PorterGirl says:

          I think we need some more of that hallucinogenic bacon.

        9. Man if only that existed…will have to stick to the regular stuff…on a serious note (seriously) have you tried psychedelics?

        10. PorterGirl says:

          Ha! That is absolutely not a question I am answering in public!

        11. PorterGirl says:

          But a fairly ambiguous one. Maybe.

        12. Nope…it says only one thing…

        13. PorterGirl says:

          It says far too much…

        14. PorterGirl says:

          That is very good to know.

        15. All deep dark secrets are welcomed and happily kept

        16. PorterGirl says:

          Excellent. Although everyone can read them here. You should email me for the deep, dark stuff.

        17. And as soon as I can find that email…

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