Hello, and welcome, to Trenton Babbage Enterprises Ltd. PPL & Co. – all you’ll ever need, if you’re only looking for stuff that’s specifically here.

The inspiration for this blog came from a great man, a humble man, a mustachioed man – Arthur Browne over at pouringmyartout.wordpress.com

The idea behind Pouring My Art Out Audio Blog – the OFFICIAL SITE for the purchase of the WORLD’S GREATEST BLOG™ – Pouring My Art Out – on Audio Tape: a heady mix of art, social commentary, humour and family insight that will leave your mind working, jaw aching and your sides split! – was to spread the joy of Arthur’s mind and creativity to those who may not have had the resources, time or physical capabilities to enjoy it the conventional way.

Here is the first post detailing the mission.

Unfortunately, due to clerical oversights regarding a dead otter, sales of The Audio Tapes amounted to just four, so I had to find an alternative use for the remaining 169,996 copies…I built a house out of them.

Now though, things are back up and running. I have ceased to trade in The Audio Tapes as a physical entity and have instead embraced the on-line world, specifically YouTube, in getting the Word Of Arthur to as far-ranging an audience as possible. Helping me in this quest are a number of Tom Cruise lookalikes who have kindly donated their time and voice skills to the cause.

I have also diversified my own personal services: I answer unanswerable questions; I offer legal advice; I run a tanning salon; I collect dancing cabbages[links to these great services will be available soon]

Thank you for coming, and feel free to have a look around.


Trenton Babbage

58 Comments Add yours

  1. uh… how do I follow this… and is that wrong???

    1. Ah, you’ve just reminded me; I need a follow button on the blog!
      And it’s so very right…

      1. I used the follow button on the top bar that they provide. I hope that works. I am just a moron.

        1. It did work, but I’d still like one anyway.

        2. I am having trouble finding the audio parts. The drop down menu on the lookalikes tab is confusing me. But then again I might be the dumbest person to ever visit… so…

        3. Oh wait… I got it. I didn’t slide down… I hate it when I do that.

        4. Always remember to slide down…they love it.

        5. Oh yeah they do.

  2. I would like to buy a vowel, Vana…

    1. I have a lovely line in ‘O’s that I think you’d really like, and more ‘A’s are on their way next week.

        1. I see that you already have an ‘e’ and it looks lovely; can I interest you in the upper case option?

        2. Too rich for my blood. I was talking to Mollie about how to record some audio. The I pad should do it. But it would have video too, I think. Maybe there is a way to do it without.

        3. Whatever you want to do! Get yourself a character and let rip; I only don’t do moving videos because I can’t do them, not because I don’t want to; I haven’t the equipment…as it were.

        4. I need to record it then put it into iTunes to convert it… this may take a while.

        5. I’m away on Thursday until the 2nd of August…I say we see where we are then…a while will be worth it.

  3. Arthur humble? pft! lol

    1. Arthur Browne…oh I see what you mean…yes, deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down in someone else’s consciousness he is aware of the word ‘humble’.

      And much welcome to you!

      1. really, then you must see something i don’t! LOL thank you and thank you also for following my blog!

        1. What can I say, I’m a big Arthur fan, have a good look round won’t you.

          And I look forward to what happens on your blog; the next big thing may come out of there!

        2. i shall and thank you! here’s hoping!

  4. Thank you for the follow! Check out http://www.wepoetsshowit.com we launch tomorrow 😉

    1. I know, you must be very excited, it looks like a really good project – everybody who comes here click on the above link!

      1. thank you how kind you are! it’s a dream come true! everybody who comes here keep coming!

        1. yes she knows what she’s talking about! everyone needs more yellow in their lives!

        2. Sunflower yellow is definitely up there with IN-YER-FACE yellow…which I think I’ve pulled off.

        3. true dat, and so you have!

        4. i’m just glad it’s not green!

  5. Enough talking! Bring on the monkeys!

    1. You can’t handle the monkeys!!!

      1. I have handled more than my fair share of… wait… never mind…

        1. You know spanking is illegal over here don’t you?

        2. Hey now… that isn’t what I meant at all.

  6. Linda Vernon says:

    Trenton Babbage! I loved your video tape! I can’t wait to look around. This looks like a fun site. 😀

    1. Linda Vernon! I loved your one-eyed Fernando! and very much your Overly Creative Writer Lady; it’s a brave woman who fucks with The Transistor Manual! (excuse my language)
      There are more videos, please enjoy yourself and comment to your heart’s content.

      1. Linda Vernon says:

        You have stolen my heart with that comment, Trenton! I will now go take the Trenton Babbage Enterprises tour!

  7. I don’t know whether to be alarmed at the fact that another blog exists that is remotely relayed to the browne artist.
    Hello, Blabbage.

    1. I would, with all my heart and soul and gin, say that it would be very much in your interest to be extremely alarmed…but in a good way.
      Hello, jlustalrlegularclrazyslpirit.

      1. Ha!
        Let’s cross fingers.

        Like what you did with my name.

        1. You added an ‘L’ to mine so I thought I’d repay you with interest!

  8. Mr. Yellow cabbage, babbbage savage garden, we need a couple more audio things from you for showcase at wePoets. We have one but it’s short so we need more than one…what say you?

    1. Yes yes yes! I’ve been off for a few days, I hope you weren’t panicking! I don’t have the means to do it today and then I’m off for another couple, but after that I’ll be pleased to be reminded!

      1. Okay great! Remind me to remind you!

  9. cpsingleton42 says:

    Dear Tango Bravo Echo Ltd:
    I would just like to inform you that I have just witnessed, what can only be described as, a conga of dancing cabbages parading past what used to be my garden!! Do you have some sort of retrieval service? I need them ousted!
    Not that I am advocating that bullets be used. I am a caggagetarian by trade, but the blighters have stamped on my geranamaniummiums!
    Yours sinsorely,
    CpSingleton Esq.

    1. Dear Charlie Papa Sierra India November Golf Lima Echo Tango Oscar November Esq:
      Much love
      Trenton Babbage

  10. cpsingleton42 says:

    Dear Tango Bravo Echo,
    I was lead to believe that you re-housed the ruddy things! Or at very least knew where they hung their trousers!
    I am quite frankly flabberbusted!!

    Yours everlasting


    1. Dear Charlie Papa Sierra India November Golf Lima Echo Tango Oscar November Esq:
      It pains me to say that I am not now nor have I ever been a re-houser of cabbages – the forms are on my desk, but my desk has been taken in for questioning – the dancing cabbage in my collection was donated to me by a very dear passing acquaintance, and I’m not entirely sure that one can technically ‘retrieve’ anything through the use of bullets.
      They hang their trousers on the corner of Wilson and Main in Bartow, FL…I believe this information profits neither of us.
      The best thing one can do with an anus of cabbages (I genuinely do not make this stuff up) that have stamped on one’s geranamaniummiums is to give them a blast of the Sex Pistols; they will automatically turn towards you, which can be quite frightening, but one is then able – with the use of a portable, music-playing device – to lead them elsewhere; it is in fact this very phenomenon that gave rise to the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin…he did in truth lead cabbages from the village, not children.

      Much &c.
      Trenton Babbage

      1. cpsingleton42 says:

        Dear Tango Bravo Echo,

        I would hit them with Sex Pistols, but are they not just a myth told to musicians to stop them growing up to be butter salesmen?!

        1. Dear Charlie Papa Sierra India November Golf Lima Echo Tango Oscar November Esq:
          One that almost always works…
          Much nausea
          Trenton Babbage

  11. WilderSoul says:

    Oh my goodness… Trenton Babbage and Cp Singleton – the world is aflame! I am on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation of whatever may come next. Somehow Spike Milligan and the Goon Show keep leaping into my mind and waving their arms about. Whatever happened to E, Eck, Eck, L, E, S, and the man in the tent upstairs??

  12. Trent Lewin says:

    Dude, seriously. Are you bloody mad? However, I must say that this is my type of topic and my brand of madness. I’m in.

    1. It just started out as a joke more than a year ago, laid dormant for a while, and has now come back to life! You’ve joined an elite crowd!

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