The Shrine

Let us never forget why we are here, and what our purpose is, and how we came into being, and why this blog exists, and how it will continue to be extant forever more…it goes by the name of Arthur Browne:

arthur playing the guitar has moved to whitsunday
‘Music is so much a part of him that the notes come right up out of his groin.’
– St. Paul’s letter to the Busking Licence Authority 15:4-15:5

22 Comments Add yours

  1. That pic show up everywhere I go yeash!

    1. He is omnipresent by definition…all hail.

      1. oh my gosh his head is going to swell

        1. Then we must resize all the doors on the planet immediately in order to accommodate!

        2. or just not swell his head…

  2. I still say I am going to hell just because of that picture… and it is totally worth it!!!

    1. And I’m on the same bus there as you.

      1. A romantic table by the fire…

  3. bwcarey says:

    arthur’s day, i’m off for a pint of guinness

    1. Be sure to include a tab of acid with that.

      1. bwcarey says:

        had a few morgans instead

        1. How you get there is of no importance…just get there!

        2. bwcarey says:

          do it, believe, and watch the magic

        3. Well that’s exactly right…you sound like an expert.

        4. bwcarey says:

          i’ve seen the cloud, miracles, prayers answered, angels, and heaven is so very real, we are spirits with a job that goes beyond making cash

        5. That morgans is good stuff…I must seek it out.

        6. bwcarey says:

          the angels share is the tastiest dram

  4. PorterGirl says:

    All hail Art, indeed! He is so patient. He puts up with my ridiculous comments on his blog, even when I share highly inappropriate fantasies about world leaders. That man should be knighted.

    1. He loves ridiculous comments the best; and he should be knighted, but there’s no-one that I can think of in high enough authority suitable to bestow such an honour!

      1. PorterGirl says:

        I’ll give the Queen a nudge. I’m sure she will be happy to do the honours.

        1. He should be the one knighting her really…and be sure you don’t nudge her off the toilet!

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