I’m Quitting…


…my job, therefore I may very well have severely defunct access to the internet…therefore you may never hear of me again.

This is probably not true.

However, I must admit that the video wonder I had planned for Linda Vernon’s Drawing Lady looks like it will never be…yes, you may cry.

In my last week working in the middle of the night I will aim to get Part 2 of Error 404 posted…I make no promises however, as I will also be aiming to spend as much of my time as possible gorging on magic mushrooms…drugs are bad…except for these.

And Anasera‘s beautiful Google hangout/youtube/AIR project will forever be the one that got away.

But you never know, I might get a job with the internet in it.

On the advice of Trent Lewin I have included some baked goods, which I hope will get this post Freshly Pressed, but too late in the day for me to appreciate or take advantage of…fuck you FP! in your face!


bake me
Baked goods; yum yum yum




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  1. Linda Vernon says:

    Oh Trenton! My hear sunk when I read the title of this post — that you were quitting and I panicked a little bit in my heart, but then when I read it was only your job you were quitting and not your blog, I must say I was immensely relieved to see that you had your priorities in the right place. However, when I read further and found out that you might possibly be quitting your blog as well — I really started panicking ( or possibly picnicking) because you are indeed one of the funnest and funniest people in the blogging world and you have a really cool blog, and quite frankly I’ve grown accustomed to your logo. So please I beg you to reconsider! I hope your departure will only be for a short time and that your smiling TB will be gracing the pages of WordPress Freshly F-ing Pressed in the very near future! (If you need me I’ll be drowning my sorrows in your cyber donuts dearest Trenton! And talking the Drawing Lady in off the ledge . . . yet again!)

    1. Thank you Linda for your heartfelt and mightily comprehensive comment; I am indeed all these great things you say I am – plus a few more besides but I shan’t hold it against you for not mentioning them – but the stalwart of humour that is the Linda Vernon Blog has long been, and shall so remain the monolith it was before I ever stumbled upon it…I am but the ape, and as such my future is in the lap of the genetic modification; we can but hope that tiny alterations in the world around us bring forth the conditions required for the continuation of the meagre hut that is Trenton Babbage Enterprises.

      In the mean time…talk of me with fondness.

  2. Was this just done to give us heart attacks? Are you just blowing off steam? What’s up, man???

    1. I can’t do this job anymore; any new one that I get may not allow me the time to blog; I’ll always be able to check in, but with regards the brilliantness I post…I can’t promise anything…just breathe…

      1. What if we all chip in and pay your bills…

        1. I don’t really have any money… to bad your idea of selling my audio blog didn’t pan out.

        2. I know…and I had such high hopes…I may just go down the househusband route.

        3. I did that… I turned out fine…

        4. Spread the kids out… so you always have a young one… job security…

        5. …well that’s an ambiguous comment!

        6. I don’t mean spread them like jam.

  3. I still do not understand why this is pmao’s audio blog. Why the name?
    I thought you were also quitting blogging. Now I think you deliberately left the title that way -to make people think you were quitting. Whilst I can’t call myself a faithful follower of yours, I didn’t follow you on a spurt because I woke up on the mat side of the bed. So yes, it would sadden me a tad that your crazy character was quitting.
    Do you really think it a GOOD thing you are quitting?

    1. This blog was started as a joke a year or so ago after Arthur said that his wife doesn’t read any of his posts; I said that he should buy it on audio tape so she could listen to it in the car. When it was kick-started again recently it had other components to it so became Trenton Babbage Enterprises Ltd PPL & Co. but retained the original WP blog name…I hope this helps.

      I’m quitting my job, and depending what I find next will dictate whether I have the time to post stuff; but I do hope your sadness doesn’t hinder you in any way…you can always come back here and read/listen to stuff if it gets too much for you; I’m gonna leave it parked here.

      What is good, what is bad? some things just have to be done.

      1. I see. It helps a lot. Thanks. But none ever did get around to an actual audio production, yes?
        Okay, will try not to be scarce. This is only my third visit though.

        Hmmm…. the eternal issue of good vs bad. I think/hope one day, we will become smart enough to know the difference. As for your job, I guess it’s not always easy being fully sure at the outset of a major decision if it’s appropriate or not. But, if it means anything, I wish you well.

        1. Actually there were two that got round to audio production; and they are here – https://pmaoaudioblog.wordpress.com/the-audio-tapes/hatchet-carmichael/
          And you may visit as often or as little as you wish; there are no obligations here.

          Good and bad are still perceptions at the moment, I do hope that one day we’ll know them.

          And thank you for your wishes.

        2. Thanks.

          Indeed, hoping we really care to know the difference.


  4. Geeze you freaked me out!

      1. You quit. I thought you were leaving the blogging world!

        1. I will be for a bit; it depends what job I find; if it’s not near a computer then I may be gone for some time……………..

        2. 😦 What do you do? I’m working online

        3. I work in a hotel at the moment…we don’t have the internet at home. I should be searching for jobs as we speak!

        4. Oh man sorry to hear that. Did something happen?

        5. It’s just not practical any more, and is not creating a stressless household.

        6. That’s a bummer. I wish you all the best in finding something you love. 🙂

  5. Heeeyyyyyy red not yellow!

      1. I thought you were kidding, it’s awesome!

        1. I never kid about doing drastic things to my blog!

  6. WilderSoul says:

    Parting is such sweet sorrow…
    May your ideal job turn up tomorrow…
    (I’m not a great poet,
    and I know it…)
    However, your great poetry, stories, videos, audio, wit, company……………….. and so on, and so forth, will be sadly missed.

    1. Thank you Anasera, and your poetry is stupendous!

      1. WilderSoul says:

        I don’t respond well to flattery… (shuffles feet, rubs nose)

        1. WilderSoul says:

          Hahaha…. that’s better, I laugh in the face of my incompetence!

  7. elroyjones says:

    Maybe you could be an attendant of some sort, keeping an old person company while they sleep and you use their computer to entertain us. Maybe there’s someone out there with sleep apnea and you could keep watch at the bedside with a laptop so if they miss a breath you could give them a little nudge with your foot to get their breathing back in line and still entertain us. We will be despondent without you and The Cabbages.

    1. Well that’s an excellent idea…would it be morally abhorrent to put someone into this state just so’s I could keep posting? or must they be a natural find?

  8. Trent Lewin says:

    Do try not to give your fans palpitations, would you? It’s quite rude, and possibly a bit messy. The baked goods didn’t get you Freshly Pressed? Suck it, FP, you deranged little monster. I await the next part of the story, and will likely ingest some drugs when reading it. Or just plain alcohol. That often does the trick. I’m in Vegas at the moment. I drank a river this weekend, and this place was dry enough to start with. Oh the troubles have come to America!

    I do congratulate you on the quitting of your job. I think 99 percent of the human population is doing the wrong job, which is why people are so miserable. I am 100 percent doing the wrong job, and for all the warts and illicit drugs, I can handle it; but as a society, we really need to be quitting more and working less. My best wishes to you, Trenton; but if you abandon us, I will bring a fleet across the pond to give your Queen a good whooping.

    1. Sorry for the palpitations; though I can’t imagine it causing any more mess that would be noticed. I do hope I’m not Freshly Pressed yet because I haven’t written the post that I’ll swap for the FPd one…although perhaps it will just be fuck cunt fuck cunt fuck cunt fuck cunt…I haven’t decided yet.
      I liked Vegas when I went; it was for work about sixish years ago; we worked hard and then did the thing one is supposed to do afterwards; it was good; were you there for some family thing?

      I think the Peter Principle is rife, maybe more illicit drugs is the answer since the system is here for good. I’ll not abandon you, but you can do what you like to the Queen…she fucking loves it.

      1. Trent Lewin says:

        She’s a whore.

        I’d notice if you left. It would suck. I need some fucking reality and subversion in my life; that’s you. Between the shitty poets, the shameless self-promoters, and the baked goods purveyors, I think I will soon go mad.

        I was in Vegas for a family meeting of cousins (my Crawley folks came up). It was a blast. I am still paying for it.

        Fuck cunt fuck twat fuck shit up. That is all I got.

        1. I thought you hated Vegas?

          The Queen is not a whore; she does it for the love, and for the felching.

          Maybe you need to take a break from reading baking blogs; try one of those old fashioned books that have stood the test of time…but madness can be quite the draw…

          I will put a few twats in there too.

        2. Trent Lewin says:

          Love/hate relationship.

          Fucking felching Queen. Sooo dirty.

          Madness is candy for the soul. Too much and you’re fucked. Not enough and you’re boring.

          I saw that you posted something. Will read on weekend. Hoping its continuation of that last piece.

        3. I have posted two things; one continuation of the thing, and one a video for clown man months ago; hope you like.

        4. Trent Lewin says:

          I’ll be on it later today. My apologies for being remiss. Also for using the word ‘remiss’.

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