A Short Interlude C/O Henry & Liza


Ladies and gentlemen, may I please introduce an Irish person who doesn’t know his own name; needless to say he’s a Tom Cruise lookalike.





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  1. Trent Lewin says:

    My gosh, what was that?

    1. I’ve always been amazed at how patient Liza was with Henry…Seamus’s version really rang true…did it scare you?

      1. Trent Lewin says:

        I felt tingly afterwards. In a weird way.

        How many potties do you have in your house? I have six.

        1. Weird haha? or weird funny?

          I have only two…I say two…I haven’t seen one of them in quite a while, yes I have! it’s in the boot of the car; the kids have discovered the joys of pulling bulrushes apart, and one has made it into the potty…I remember because it looks just like a poo.

        2. Trent Lewin says:

          I am going to stay away from bulrushes I think…

          One has not lived until one has two potties on every level of one’s house. And they’re all full.

        3. This is living you say…and I’d heard it was drink, drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll…rock stars don’t know what they’re missing!

  2. Whomever swore thank them! My aching ears!

    1. It was all Seamus; you like aching ears?

      1. Ha! No no aching ears!

        1. I hope they weren’t ached for long…I think…I may not understand the comment…

        2. ha my ears are hurting and my spelling is bad…

        3. But did it make you laugh? I just want to make you laugh…

        4. Yes it sure did that!

        5. Phew! And did you get my raven spoken word? And in order to put sound cloud into a post does one need an upgrade or something? for I cannot do it.

        6. When did you send it, Kirsten may have taken care of it?

          I don’t think you need an upgrade for soundcloud. I didn’t upgrade when I did one. 🙂 Welcome back to the WP world btw!

        7. Ages ago maybe, no idea really; I sent it through your submissions thing and as an email.

          Why won’t soundcloud show on my posts then?Answer all my questions!!!

          And thank you; it’s nice to be back.

        8. ahaha then we probably have it, we are just booked a month ahead, keep watching the wePoets calendar for your showcase dates and times.

          If you did a voice post sound cloud might show them!

          Does that answer all your questions?

        9. No……I want to be able to have the soundcloud voice bar thing in a post but it doesn’t let me; it’s why I have to put everything onto youtube.

        10. I shall have to ask Kirsten about this dire situation..

        11. Have you not reached that part in your training yet?

        12. You’re too funny, how did you know I was training?! Did you see my next answer which I came up with all by my lonesome?

        13. I saw a random comment you made on Arthur’s blog I think…was that the pasting short code answer?

        14. So you do pay attention on Arthur’s blog…lol

          yes the short code answer

        15. When I see he’s got a thousand comments for a post I’m pretty sure who the culprit is…

        16. did you try copying and pasting the wp short code from soundcloud into a post?

        17. ………………………..yes…yes I did.

        18. uh oh you have a problem…how about the long code?

          hey hey you know what Arthur likes a lot? When people us the “lol” term . You should go do that a lot on his blog.

        19. I’ll try again I’m sure.

          I’ve never in my life used…that thing you mention…and I’m not about to use it now!

        20. Fucking done it!!! There’s a specific WP code that I hadn’t noticed before…probably because it wasn’t fucking there! Apologies for the swearing…

  3. WilderSoul says:

    Seamus… the unappreciated artist! Let him come on over for a visit where he can sing at the top of his lungs to his heart’s content. I don’t mind if he is a Tom Cruise Lookalike. I don’t hold that against people. And it weren’t him that swore! 🙂

    1. It was all him! He gets away with murder the cheeky little Irish chappy! He blames it on the leprechaun…

      1. WilderSoul says:

        Oh those leprechauns…!

  4. WilderSoul says:

    (By the way, I like the Irish accent!)

  5. Delightful. I actually know that song… it is long… and goes around and around… but this was a good way to shorten it.

    1. Thank you; I thought so too. I didn’t know if Liza’s bit was a tad unfeminine? but I found it hilarious so just kept it as was.

        1. It just doesn’t make sense otherwise…and I’m all for making sense.

        2. I have noticed that about you.

        3. It’s something that really stands out in my work…order, sense, and categorisation.

        4. You are all that and more…

        5. I have to admit I do look for it now.

        6. I can’t help my man crushes… sigh…

        7. You’re only human…oh wait…

        8. Yeah… careful now…

  6. elroyjones says:

    I’m still laughing! The best rendition of There’s a Hole in the Bucket I’ve ever heard.

    1. Thank you! I’d forgotten I’d actually done it, so I went back to listen and it turns out you’re right.

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