Open Mic Night: “The Cat in the Hat is Fat” read by Trenton Babbage

If you thought that a poem by Arthur Browne was as funny as it could get…then I am here to tell you that I strenuously disagree whilst not setting out to offend said Browne in any way but simply trying to put a different slant on his stellar work……but you can make your own mind up.

“The Cat in the Hat is Fat” written by pouringmyartout and read by Trenton Babbage

To read the written poem,click here.

© 2013 pouringmyartout and Trenton Babbage, all rights reserved

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43 Comments Add yours

        1. reblogged!? It has been like three whole minutes since you asked me though…

        2. yes you did! it that a learning curve for you. 3 mins. is a long time your know

        3. Yes I did know that! You can’t convince some people though; even saying that it’s actually a compliment does wash either.

    1. AH HA! This is where you commented? I misunderstood your comment…what does Ty mean?

      1. Do you tweet?? Ty is short for thank you…Sorry I do a lot of tweeting to and sometimes on a site I forget I’m not tweeting..

        1. …I do not tweet…although I worked out Ty just after I pressed reply. No need to apologise, I’m not shy of asking anything.

        2. Well tweeting seems pretty easy!

  1. WilderSoul says:

    No I would not like to buy something. Oops that was my standard response. That is telling isn’t it? What if every colouring book picture lover thought the same way? I would have free colouring book forever and no income! (Gah!)
    Actually I do want to buy your friend’s book. So there.
    And it’s all your fault.
    Well the pair of you.
    For being so darn friendly and funny.
    Alllll the time…

    1. He will be pleased. As will I with the cup of tea! Where did you put it?

      Shall I change my comment box comment? I wouldn’t want you to repeat yourself again, although I suspect that another one of you would be a most pleasant thing…two cups of tea I’m guessing.

      1. WilderSoul says:

        No need to change for me mon petit Cabbage Seed…
        One extra cup for the road…

        By the way you’re the second person in the world to suggest more of me in a room… I am still inclined to say that it would drive everyone crazy, and that one is quite enough…

        How many cups of tea in total? No guesses, judge’s decision is final…

        1. So I’m not a first for that one…ok; I’ve done pretty well up to now; who was the first?

          Cups of tea in total? I don’t have the Latin for the judgin’ – ten cups of tea for getting that reference.

        2. WilderSoul says:

          A gentleman.. Gentleman, by the name of Craig Anderson, was the first to suggest hiring more of me to fill the office…

        3. I know him well; knows a good worker when he sees one.

        4. WilderSoul says:

          (truly you know him? i wonder if it is the same one…?)
          And thank you for the compliment. I may have to cite you as a reference when speaking with bureaucracy tomorrow. I hope they will totally agree that working from home and making an income online while homeschooling teenagers and not leaving them at home alone for hours on a regular basis is a “Suitable” job for me…

        5. You sound like you’re in the middle of a battle with idiots?

        6. WilderSoul says:

          I hope it does not come to that… I have done my homework and need to type it up and present it nicely and hopefully all will go well… We might have to make some magnificent collaborative creation and make boodles of money… just thought I’d throw that in. If you were already hiring then I would ask for a job. 🙂 Mixing tea to specification… 🙂

        7. I can’t see myself ever in the position of being a hirer…but you never know…I’m actually on the lookout for work as it is; I need days.

          Oh and here’s a drawing I did a while back – I got paid money and everything!

          And good luck with your presentation.

        8. WilderSoul says:

          Thank you – and you are a fantastic artist!

        9. WilderSoul says:

          Beyond the Fringe, and I might have guessed it would not be long before the name Peter Cook would come up in connection with Trenton Babbage… ’twas only a matter of time….
          I will hold you to those ten cups… aargh! What am I saying!? Sob.. bound to ten cups of tea.. what have I done!?

        10. I make great tea; it’ll be like a joy to be bound to them; I will get my thinking socks on and decide what to do with your cup…I’m too flattered at the moment, and in the middle of writing a rant at someone else’s behest; I warn you it’ll have swearing in it; your tea cups will not.

        11. WilderSoul says:

          Thank you.. I didn’t invite the Seed due to the uncouth bad language gracing his front page, so please do chuck a cup his way when you’ve finished with your ranting…
          Joyful binding around drinking socks thounds luvverly to me. And I don’t think my dear brother would warn me against it… Wishing Seedy a Smashing time… 🙂 And thank you kind sir, for the most delicious tea.

        12. Seed is a little more volatile; you don’t quite know what you’ll get with him; he does like tea though. And I can’t imagine your brother drinking anything else other than the sublime Yorkshire Tea!

  2. WilderSoul says:

    You made me forget to bring the cuppa tea. I will just zip back and get it… won’t be a mo.

  3. cpsingleton42 says:

    I laughed so hard that I shot out my pancreas! I will be sueing for damages and so will the elderly lady who was on a bicycle until she was hit on the back of the noggin by me airborne pancreas!!

    1. cpsingleton42 says:

      And yes sear dister and Tango Bravo Echo I truly do only drink Yorkshire Tea!!!

        1. cpsingleton42 says:

          In between the mead of course!

    2. Dearest pancreasless Charlie Papa Sierra India November Golf Lima Echo Tango Oscar November Esq:

      I thought this might happen one day…dare I mention that this one is the edited version; the one with the introduction can be viewed here –

      I’ll see you in court

      Trenton Babbage

      1. cpsingleton42 says:

        Dear Tangled Bras Everlasting,

        I will check that out with trepidation!
        Not sure my body could handle another lost organ!

        Yours, with pound signs in my greedy eyes


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