Pouring My Art Out Audio Blog

Are you blind, but want to read stuff that’s really funny? Then this is the place for you! And even if you’re not blind, you’re gonna love it just as much!

This is the OFFICIAL SITE for the purchase of the WORLD’S GREATEST BLOG™ – Pouring My Art Out – on Audio Tape: a heady mix of art, social commentary, humor and family insight that will leave your mind working, jaw aching and your sides split!

But don’t take our word for it; just read what these happy customers have to say:

Mavis from Stoke-on-Trent, “I’ve always been a big fan of PMAO, and when the chance came for me to listen to his great posts driving to and from work, well I just jumped at the chance!”

Felicity from New York, “I’m blind, but wanted to read stuff that’s really funny, so I bought my copy of PMAO Audio Blog as soon as I heard about it; I’ve never looked back.”

Bruce from Melbourne, “Get the fuck outa my kitchen or I’ll set the bloody Koalas on ya!!!”

So as you can see, this is a definite must-have for all fans of interesting and witty blogging, and contains some of the most in-depth descriptions of art work ever recorded to tape, all read in the dulcet tones of a Tom Cruise lookalike.

And as if that wasn’t enough! We are extremely excited about the price plans we are able to offer, which include and consist solely of:

A one-off payment of $53.28 plus a maximum of $13.86 p+p depending on State of residence (extra charges for outside the USA).


An interest free monthly payment of 18c over 296 months, plus p+p.

This prestigious collection comprises all blogs up to and including the 24th May, 2012 – ‘Dick Cheney…gettin’ volcaney’, and all comments on all posts up to and including this date.

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to email the team and we will gladly do all we can to help!

Thank you and Happy Listening!

The PMAO Audio Blog Team

Publisher’s Note: Please please please in the name of good god take some of this crap off my hands! I’ve 170,000 copies of this bloody blog and I’ve only sold four, and those were to a deaf/blind/mute in Newfoundland. All I ask is money for the postage……a little bit of money towards the postage…..just an order, please, my car’s going rusty because I can’t fit it in the garage…..my wife’s threatening to leave me…..my children call me by another man’s name……I pray for death…..

Thank you and Happy Listening!


22 Comments Add yours

  1. I have heard of this guy. He is a pompous ass, and he tends to ramble on endlessly with virtually no punctuation or even an attempt at getting to the point because the only point he has is the one on the top of his head and even that one isn’t that sharp…

    1. I’m sorry I fell asleep….

      Thank you for commenting, kind regards,

      Trenton Babbage

      1. You should be ashamed of yourself, peddling this garbage.

        1. I’m sorry you feel that way: perhaps you will be pleased with how the situation stands at the present time; my most recent post will explain.

          Thank you for commenting, kind regards

          Trenton Babbage

  2. I’ve got two questions:

    1) How is a blind person going to read your offer?
    2) You liked your own post?

    1. Dear Edward Hotspur

      Thank you for your interesting questions, please allow me to elucidate:

      1) A blind person isn’t going to read my offer…..they’re blind. However, since we no longer ship all blind people to a faraway island full of tigers and chupacabras that wish for nothing more than to tear blind people limb from limb and eat them all up every last bit, a number of the sightless have managed to develop friendships with so-called “norms” (I myself have a collection of four) and it is these selfless “norms” that will alert the blind to the wonders of audio blogs.

      2) While this seems a slightly odd question I shall answer it nonetheless: yes; I liked my post.

      Sadly though, the audio blog is no longer available for sale; if you’d like to see my latest post (of which I’m a huge fan) it will explain all.

      Thank you for commenting, kind regards

      Trenton Babbage

      1. I have seen one of these norms in a quaint little show, though slightly dated, called Cheers. I am distraught over the lack of availability of your audio blog. I’m not trying to hear that, yo.

        1. Dear Edward Hotspur

          Please excuse the lateness of my reply. Norm is a dear, and whilst there is plenty of him, sadly there is not quite enough to spread around and take care of all the blind people – when he discovered there were more than forty-two in the world it was then that he started recruiting the others in order to prevent all the falling over they were doing, and to counsel all the lamp posts, who were very often mistaken for people, and whose trauma at having a blind person’s heart opened up to them was really often far too much for their fragile minds and primitive circuitry to deal with.

          The lack of available audio blog for sale is a distraughtification for us all, but as soon as I can afford bricks I may well be able to free up a few for the desperate.

          Thank you for commenting, kind regards

          Trenton Babbage

  3. tomandlavernavickers says:

    I advise you follow TV’s Weblog lead with the following fine print disclaimer: (Tapes not available where prohibited. (Product also not available in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Siberia, Equatorial Africa or any other dangerous, really cold, really hot, crowded or Redneck locations. Also not available near any DEA Agents). This worked out well when we offered Marijuana Chia Pets.

    1. Dear Tomandlavernavickers

      (Great name by the way) Thank you very much for your cautionary advice on printing a disclaimer; I however have such faith in the product that no country, latitudinal bias, heat – even of the ‘really’ variety – population density, one’s occupation, nor the colour of one’s cervical vertebrae should prevent the spreading of the PMAO word!

      However, I do now need to find an alternative way of spreading it as my most recent post will explain.

      Thank you for commenting, kind regards

      Trenton Babbage

      P.S. I think someone may have removed the disclaimer from your pet advertisement; for I could find it nowhere.

    1. Dear Elroyjones

      I like a succint comment, especially one devoid of ambiguity. However things have taken a turn for the worse as my most recent post will explain.

      Thank you for commenting, kind regards

      Trenton Babbage

      P.S. You have beautiful eye.

  4. The Hobbler says:

    That is funny stuff.

    1. Dear The Hobbler

      Yes it is isn’t it. However, things have taken a decidedly worse turn…..for the worse, and I think you’ll agree that my latest post is far from funny.

      Thank you for commenting, kind regards

      Trenton Babbage

  5. Dear Publisher,

    I’ll have one copy. I’ll give you the stamp to post it if you send me a S.A.E. for me to send you the stamp in.

    Love Dotty xxx

    1. Dear Dotty

      Thank you so much for showing an interest in the wonder that is Pouring My Art Out Audio Blog. Firstly you need not wait so long via back and forth mail in order to receive your pristine copy, for I would have been more than happy to send you the tapes in good faith on your sending me the stamp in return, in order for me to then perhaps send it to another and spread the joy and love of PMAO Audio Blog.

      Secondly it’s all gone tits up and the tapes are being used for another purpose – my most recent post will explain.

      Thank you for your order, kind regards

      Trenton Babbage

  6. And so ends my world… sigh…

    1. I’ve no doubt you’ll post something that’ll inspire another foray over here; there was one but it’s too long ago now really for me to drag your followers over here!

      1. I don’t understand. It has me on every comment, but it is not me. I am too shallow and self centered to enjoy this.

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